Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunrise Training

It was a perfect morning today for my first training session with New Bedford Community Rowing. We went out in a 4 (4 person boat), since there weren't enough people for an 8.

I'm beginning to realize that my 20 mile trip isn't really going to be a big deal. It seemed extreme when I first started thinking about rowing from Martha's Vineyard to Mattapoisett. I've only ever crossed Buzzards Bay in a huge ferry.

But this morning, we rowed several miles. Sure, it was exhausting. Sure, I ripped the skin off of two fingers and reopened Wednesday's blisters. But it was only my 6th time out on the water.

The coach this morning told me about a 25 mile race up the Hudson. My 20 miles is not outrageous.

When I first started cycling, I thought 25 miles was long. Now I can ride the one-day, 210 mile trip from Brooklyn to Massachusetts.

The harder part of this trip will be getting a crew together to help me with the row and with documenting it. I'm used to doing everything myself. But, of course, this need for cooperation is what this project is about. Gideon Dexter died trying to row by himself. Rowing crew is a group effort. Working as part of a team is outside the skill-set of most artists.