Thursday, August 23, 2012


This week marked the third and final week of my introduction to rowing class with New Bedford Community Rowing. I'll post a little footage soon, but I didn't shoot as much as I'd hoped. My (unfulfilled) plan had been to put my camera in an underwater case to protect it from splashes and salt-water spray. The SNAFU in that plan is that Sony, about a year ago, stopped making the case made for my camera.

So I've been trolling the Internet for months looking for the discontinued model on ebay and amazon marketplace, etc. and I've been reviewing alternatives (which fell into two camps, either thousands of dollars for something professional or $100 for the equivalent of a zip-lock bag). Once the class started, I realized that my hopeful, slow approach wasn't working. I had to order the discontinued case from an eBay seller in Australia.

The shipping charge was hard to swallow. But the case arrived today. So I should be able to start getting footage as I graduate from the intro class and start rowing with the masters team.

I wonder how many weeks it will take for my rowing blisters to be replaced by callouses? Next week they'll have a chance to heal while I'm in Maine building my oars at the Wooden Boat School.