Wednesday, July 31, 2013


As of today $15,303.00 has been donated to my project. Thank you to everyone who has donated -- and to everyone who has contacted me with support and encouragement.

I now have funds to complete and document the first two stages of my project:

First, I will build a 17.5' wherry and inscribe onto its surface the text of John Kenneth Galbraith's book, The Affluent Society.

And second, I will get into that boat and push off into the harbor of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts -- and drift with the tides for eight hours while reading aloud from Adam Smith's seminal book on capitalism, The Wealth of Nations. If I can read the tide charts correctly, I will drift along the same trajectory as my great-great-great-great grandfather when his rowboat was blown out of the harbor in 1827; however, he froze to death, and his body was found off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. I plan to undertake this stage of the project during better weather. I plan to survive.

After I drift for eight hours, there is still a third stage and ...

the third stage still needs funding ...

I am more than happy to accept additional donations, which will go towards the final stage of this project:

For this third stage, I will go to the place where the body of my great-great-great-great grandfather was found, off the coast off Martha's Vineyard -- and I will row back to his home town of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. This will be a voyage of about 20-25 miles through Wood's Hole and across the open water of Buzzards Bay.

A few prints are left from my USA Projects fundraiser. I've posted images of the prints below. If you'd still like to donate, please do. However, these additional donations will no longer be tax deductible nor have oversight from USA Projects.

Please select the donation level from the pull-down menu. Afterwards, click "add to cart"
(update summer 2014: fundraiser closed)

Donors at the $150 level will receive the above print, Acknowledgements (The New Industrial State, part 2). 2013. Pigment print on Mylar, ed. 25. 5 1/8" x 5 1/8", unframed.
Donors at the $500 level will receive the above print, Foreward (The New Industrial State, part 1). 2013. Pigment print on Mylar, ed. 12. 8" x 8", unframed.

 Donors at the $2,000 level will receive the above print, Change and the Industrial System (The New Industrial State, part 3). 2013. Pigment print on Mylar, ed. 5. 13" x 13", unframed.