Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'm beginning my second day of working on the project's budget. I did this sort of thing for ten years when I worked on development for Momenta Art. But that doesn't make the process fun.

Plus I feel some pangs oh guilt as I talk to and write to all of the people I'll need to work with as consultants and for technical and creative support. I need to have their resumes, and I need to determine standard fees for each person. Then if the grants don't come through I'll have to push back my timeline or scale back the project or ask for volunteers. Ever present in the grant writing process are the many ways to fail, not just artistically but also administratively.

Okay. Back to research. What is the rental fee for two days for two power boats in Buzzard's Bay. And how much gas do they use? And how much circling will they do? How many miles will that add? And how specific do I need to be before anybody has helped fund this?