Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where the Time Went

I didn't write a post for about six weeks, from early September through mid-October. I was too worried and focused on one drawing that is going to be part of what I like to think of as a prequel show -- a show that will initiate the dialogue of the rowing back project.

Schroeder Romero will be taking this drawing to the PULSE art fair in Miami to preview it (yes, that's a preview of the prequel). I was getting down to the wire, trying to finish in time to get it framed and shipped.

The drawing is huge, a triptych that contains almost 300 pages of handwritten text. I started working on it at the beginning of May and have been working on it for 50 to 60 hours per week on average. It's a relief to be done with it.

I'll be taking it to get photographed next week and will post a proper picture then. I still have several pieces to complete before the gallery show (which will be in January). So you can expect to hear more about them and the show over the next couple of months.